Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SSL Wildcard Certificate Installation on Cisco ASA 8.x

After searching high and low for instructions, I finally found this link that was most useful:

Here is the solution taken from the link above:

I have a GoDaddy (standard, not deluxe) wildcard certificate that I use on my ASA 5510 for ASDM access. ASDM says that "SSL parameters affect both ASDM and SSL VPN access," so if it works for me, it should for you and SSL VPNs.

I did have problems importing a .pem version of my certificate chain. Using a *.pfx (like IIS uses) worked fine.
I grabbed gd_intermediate.crt from

In ASDM, Configuration, Device Management, Certificate Management, CA Certificates; click Add, don't change any defaults, install from file, locate the gd_intermediate.crt file.

I also tried loading gd_bundle.crt which some of our certs use and that failed, but since gd_intermediate.crt worked and that's what my wildcard uses, I didn't test any more.

Once the intermediate cert is loaded, go to Identity Certificates (right above CA Certificates) and do something similar (Add, import from file, chose the .pfx file, and enter the password for the .pfx.

Now that the cert is successfully installed, set which interfaces it will be used on. That's under Device Management, Advanced, SSL Settings. Click the interface (probably outside), click Edit, and choose the Trustpoint name of the certificate you added in the last step. Click OK, Apply, and try going to your https://vpn.url and see if it loads the right cert.

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