Friday, April 15, 2011

WOL Directed Broadcast Configuration on Cisco Layer 3 Switches

Use directed broadcast to configure the Wake On LAN (WOL) application on Cisco L3 switches. In our case we had the WOL servers connected to VLAN 1 ( and .65). They are used to wake client computers on all other private VLANs. Here's the working example for our test case with clients on VLAN2:

access-list 180 permit udp host any 
access-list 180 permit udp host any

interface Vlan1 
ip address 
ip helper-address 
interface Vlan2 
ip address 
ip directed-broadcast 180 

Note that the helper address sends the WOL broadcast to all destination subnets that are specified there (in our case to the subnet) but you control what lands up on the destination VLAN with the directed broadcast command and an acl. It works if you use a supernet in the helper address command to cover all your destination networks.

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